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Frequently Asked Questions

Wildcard is an international furry convention organized for Hungarian and foreign furries. It is held for the first time in 2017 in the picturesque Hungarian city of Eger between July 27.-30. We will have many programs, a relaxing atmosphere, excellent food and drinks, and hopefully You as a visitor!
Yes, of course. You have to register to attend Wildcard 2017 and its events once the registration will open.
Yes, you have to be at least 18 or older at the time of the convention to attend.
The convention fee is the basic price all attendees have to pay to attend Wildcard. It was separated from the accommodation fee with those in mind who wish to attend the events of Wildcard but do not need accomodation.
You can either pay through PayPal by selecting the “PayPal fee” option at the Payment menu, or you can direct transfer the amount shown after you saved your options. Contact Maszat for billing information.
There are less parking spaces than available rooms at the hotel. This means that you have to tell us in advance if you need a parking spot, and we cannot guarantee one if there are many visitors in the hotel. There are parking spots available in front of the hotel but there you have to pay the parking charge to the city.
Pets are allowed on hotel premises if you pay a surcharge.
Breakfast is included in the hotel price, and dinner is available as an option. Lunch is individually organized by the attendees.
Yes, and it will be managed by our staff member Horvy.
Among other things hotel rooms are equipped with WIFI, air conditioning and a refrigerator.

Generally you can drink alcohol you bought in the hotel, and can’t bring alcohol you brought with yourself, or bought outside into the hotel. However if you are not very public about it, people won’t care. Please keep discreet with your alcohol consumption though.

Smoking is only allowed in designated areas in the hotel.

The official currency of Hungary is the Forint (HUF), and the prices of Wildcard are calculated in Forints as well. In Eger many shops and restaurants accept Euros, but usually at very bad exchange rates.

We advise that you use Forints instead of Euros, exchange your money at a reliable location, and always ask for a receipt.

You can find reliable exchange offices here (in hungarian and english): TBA

Eger is a safe city, and apart from the basic precautions typical in tourist towns (keeping your valuables in a closed bag, asking for receipts etc.) you don’t have to worry about anything special.

During Wildcard and its events we expect you to be discreet (PG-13) in both behaviour and clothing. This basically means that adult and suggestive behaviour themes, content, clothing, accessories are not allowed in public.

Fursuits and festival-spirit is of course acceptable and recommended!

Depending on the nature of the problem you can contact one of our staff members listed HERE. They can assist you before and during the convention.

If during the convention you get into serious trouble and for some reason you are unable to contact any of the organizers you should call the Central Line of the Emergency Services: 112.