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Terms of Service

This terms of service regulates the storage and management of personal data provided voluntarily by visitors/users of wildcard.hu.
Visitors/users of wildcard.hu must provide accurate and authentic personal data, otherwise their registration may be deleted.

Data storage and management

Data management:

On behalf of the WILDCARD organization team: Bálint Szép (Red) and Márton Pornói (Mw).
Contact: red@wildcard.hu and mw@wildcard.hu

Data storage:

The shared personal data is stored by the hosting service provider of wildcard.hu: tarhely.eu

Basis and regulations of data management and storage

The legal basis of personal data management and storage is the voluntary, expressed intent of the visitor/user. (In accordance with Act CXII. of 2011., 5. § (1) a)).
The voluntarily provided personal data are managed and stored in accordance of the relevant Hungarian and EU laws in effect.
The voluntarily provided personal data will not be shared, or in any way used to acquire monetary or any other kind of gain.
The voluntarily provided personal data will not be shared with any third parties.
The only exception from this rule being the sharing of personal data in accordance with the aims of data storage and management (for example to arrange hotel accommodation).

The visitor/user agrees that his/her nationality (in addition to his/her furry name, species and set avatar picture) will be shown under the menu point of wildcard.hu that lists the convention attendees.
The visitor/user may at any time freely ask for information about the stored and managed personal data related to him/her, and may ask for their modification, correction or deletion. Requests should be sent to one of the e-mails mentioned above. In case of a request of deletion the managed and stored personal data will be deleted within 5 working days.
Users are primarily identified by the e-mail addresses they provide. Requests submitted via any other channel than the provided e-mail address will be rejected immediately for security reasons.

Aims of data storage and management

Written and verbal communication in relation to the organization of the WILDCARD 2017 EGER international furry convention.
Arrangement of accommodation and events of the WILDCARD 2017 EGER international furry convention that may require the use of personal data.
The sending of newsletters in relation to the WILDCARD 2017 EGER international furry convention or later events organized by the WILDCARD organization team.

Convention Rules

Please read the Convention rules thoroughly, it’s really not very long and was written so that You and Us as well would all have a problem free 4 days together!
Not knowing the Convention Rules will not exempt you from following them. „I didn’t know about this or that rule.” or anything similar will not be accepted as a valid excuse.
Should you have any questions about the Conventions Rules feel free to contact Red at the red@wildcard.hu e-mail address.


Use common sense. If you do the chances of anything going wrong is low.


Only registered attendees may attend the WILDCARD convention and its events. To register you have to be at least 18 or older.
During the registration process you must provide accurate personal data. If you do not we may not be able to book a hotel room for you. If it is ascertained that you deliberately provided false information you will be expelled from the convention.
During the convention the organizers will do anything in their power to establish a safe environment for attendees. However, the organizers can not and will not take any responsibility for their irresponsible behaviour and actions of attendees.

As an attendee please be respectful to other attendees, don’t cause a scandal or a fight if you are in disagreement with someone. The Organizers may intervene if necessary but will not act as your personal judge and/or bodyguard. In serious cases or in case of „repeat offenders” the organizers reserve the right to expel attendees.
Respect the personal space of others and remember that they may have a different opinions about physical contact than you. Do not be pushy, intrusive or rude.
As an attendee please avoid causing damage, dirt, disturbance both in the Hotel and at any location during WILDCARD. The Organizers do not accept any responsibility for any damages, and in serious cases may expel you from the convention.


What happens behind closed doors is no business of the Organizers until it does not disturb other attendees or visitors (for example excessive noise).
In the common spaces of the Hotel and on WILDCARD events taking place in the Hotel or the city however you must be discreet (PG-13) in clothing and behavior.
Basically this means that suggestive and adult themes, content, clothing, accessories and behavior are not permitted.
As WILDCARD is the first larger furry event in the city we ask all attendees to take this rule especially seriously to avoid causing embarrassment to themselves and the organizers.


In Hungary the minimum legal age of alcohol consumption is 18 years. You can buy alcohol in most shops and large shopping centers, however cashiers may ask for some form of identification to verify that you are 18 or older.
During WILDCARD on the public or private events the organizers expect you to be reasonable with your alcohol consumption, do not exceed your limits. Other than that we do not wish to limit you in any way.


The minimum legal age of tobacco consumption is also 18 years. Tobacco products can only be purchased at the state-controlled „Nemzeti Dohánybolt” („National Tobacconist”) stores, where they also have the right to ask for identification to verify your age.
Hungarian laws are relatively strict when it comes to restrictions to where you can smoke: generally you cannot smoke indoors in hotels, restaurants, pubs/bars and many other facilities unless there is an officially designated smoking area.
Be sure to consult the organizers about where you are allowed to smoke on Hotel premises.


Hungarian drug laws are quite harsh compared to countries in the region. All narcotics – including marijuana – are illegal. The possession and consumption of even marginal amounts is punishable by up to 2 years in jail.
During WILDCARD the possession and consumption of any illegal substances is strictly forbidden!


In Hungary the possession and carry of firearms is strictly restricted, gas pistols/weapons and rubber projectile weapons are less controlled but their carry require permits, and „objects resembling weapons” (for example airsoft weapons) are a legal grey area.
Additionally knives, daggers, swords etc. with an 8cm or longer blade are considered to be „exceptionally dangerous objects”, and the Police has the right to confiscate them.
WILDCARD organizers ask attendees not to bring any such objects with themselves