Wildcard 2017 Banner - House Party

The staff of Wildcard got together to realize an idea: Our goal is to bring the atmosphere of an international furry convention to the local community, and also to present to foreign furries what this little country can offer! Organized for the first time in late summer of 2017 we await You to join us in the picturesque city of Eger.

Here you can read a few words about the organizers and their roles, and you can get into contact with them. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask, they are average furs just like you. They won’t bite!

Horvy - staff member


Medical and Fursuit lounge. Horvy’s task is to ensure the physical well-being of attendees, with special care to fursuiters. Horvy will also be managing the Fursuit Lounge.


Maszat - staff member

Maszat M-CORD

Main Coordination. Maszat is the main coordinator of the con and its events. He is tasked with the general management of the work of the organizers during the 4 days of the convention, and also he is the liaison with the hotel.


Mw - staff member


Electrical Operations and Formats. Responsible for the general coordination of deadlines and organizational milestones before the con, and IT related works. Also assists in every field if needed. Basically blame Mw if any delays would occur.


Red - staff member


Convention Attendee-Management Operations. Red will have a role both before and during the convention. He is primarily tasked with handling the registration process and providing information for you. Contact Red, if you've got anything to say or ask!


Treff - staff member

Treff V&M

Video & Media. Treff is the one tasked with making memories last! He will be responsible for video promotional materials, the filming during the convention, and the creation of the con video afterwards.