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Wildcard 2017.07.27-30.

Have you been here before? Or are you new in town? Come and explore this pleasant little town with its own unique romance and atmosphere! Wildcard 2017 is the first major furry event in the city of Eger, and we hope to make it a lasting experience for all of You who will visit.

We are sure that you will have a pleasant time in the city of quality wines, great cuisine, wellness and party opportunities and many more. We know we’ll do our best to provide a wide array of programs!

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Programs - Programok

We decided to describe the programs of Wildcard in a little more detail......

Wildcard Registration Opening - Wildcard Regisztráció Nyitás

Registration opening for Wildcard - Wildcard 2017...

Hotel Minaret

Park Hotel Minaret is a cozy hotel located in the middle of the historic city center of Eger, that will serve as the main venue of Wildcard 2017. It is located -as the name suggests- by the Ottoman-era minaret tower of the city, and only a stone’s throw away from the Turkish Spa, the Eger Castle and many other recreational opportunities be it new or old.

Their friendly and helpful staff speak English and German apart from Hungarian so they can assist you if you have a problem and you don’t have a convention organizer around to help you.

Coupled with its excellent location, comfort and well-equipped rooms its fair prices made it the ideal choice as the convention location.


These are the informative prices of the Wildcard convention. All prices are in Hungarian Forints (HUF)

Con fee - Részvételi díj* 5000 Ft.-
Accommodation -Szállás 29000 Ft.-
Dinner - Vacsora 5500 Ft.-
Sponsor - Szponzor 8000 Ft.-
Shirt - Póló 3000 Ft.-
Pet - Házikedvenc 9000 Ft.-
PayPal fee - PayPal díj 1500 Ft.-